don't deconstruct then fill me in

I'm not that basic, I swear.

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here you kvetch.
New Jersey, United States
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accents, aeryn sun, alicia/kalinda, andrea petkovic, andrew lee potts, androgyny, beals beals beals, ben/claudia, blazers, captain von trapp, cate blanchett, dana katherine scully, david duchovny, drunken toasters, electronica, españa, fandom crossovers, farscape, femslash, flats, gay spanish things, gillian anderson, head bitches in charge, hingis/kournikova, indie music, joan holloway, john/aeryn, kalinda sharma, katee/tricia, laura sánchez, londontown, maca/vero, marc jacobs, mulder/scully, number six, pepa/silvia, pop-art, retro, silver foxes, spyrents, street style, tall butchy brunettes, television, the good wife, tropical skittles, wes anderson movies, women in suits, zen

Krystle. 26. Filipina.
irreversibly contaminated. suffers from telebisyo.
x-phile, scaper, pepaholic, among other things.
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